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Dr Partha Rachakonda


As a dedicated pediatrician, Dr Partha Rachakonda is committed to providing compassionate and expert care for children, ensuring their well-being and fostering a positive, supportive environment for both patients and their families. With a focus on preventive medicine and a passion for promoting healthy development, he strives to make a lasting impact on the lives of the young ones under his care.

He holds a robust set of qualifications, beginning with a DNB in Pediatrics from India, demonstrating his foundational expertise. Subsequently, he pursued and achieved both MRCPCH and FRCPCH in the UK, honing his skills and knowledge to international standards. Building upon this foundation, he attained FRCPC qualification from the Canadian Royal College of Physicians, solidifying his commitment to providing top-notch pediatric care in Canada. These diverse qualifications underscore his dedication to continuous learning and his ability to navigate and contribute effectively to pediatric healthcare across different global contexts over last 25 yrs.
These experiences have not only broadened his clinical knowledge but also equipped him with a multicultural perspective, allowing him to approach pediatric care with a comprehensive understanding that spans across varied healthcare systems. His qualifications reflect a commitment to excellence, ensuring that the children under his care receive the highest standard of medical attention tailored to their unique needs.

Thrilled to join Mahogany Medical Clinic in Abbotsford as a specialist pediatrician, he brings a fervent dedication to pediatric care and a commitment to fostering a healthy community. With a solid foundation in his field and a passion for delivering patient-centered solutions, he looks forward to contributing to the well-being of the children in Abbotsford. His aim is to establish a nurturing environment at Mahogany Medical Clinic, ensuring that each young patient receives the utmost attention, comprehensive care, and the support they need for a vibrant and flourishing future.

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