Vanessa McFarlane

Vanessa McFarlane is a Registered Nurse, Lactation Counselor, Prenatal Educator and Child Sleep Consultant. Her nursing background comes from NICU and postpartum care.  After the birth of her own child, she began working as a Mama Coach as she recognized the need for more support during parenthood. She is passionate about working with families as they navigate the intricacies of parenting. With an empathetic and compassionate approach, Vanessa offers a variety of services to help make parenthood easier. As a Registered Nurse, Vanessa’s services may covered under some extended benefit plans. Vanessa’s services include:

Infant and Child Sleep Support (newborn to age 8 years). Vanessa the Mama Coach sleep program is based on science and empathy. The sleep support is tailored to the child and needs of each individual family. Plan pricing ranges from $200-$500 depending on the support required.

Lactation & Feeding Support: Breastfeeding. Bottle feeding. Formula. Combination of both. It is a personal choice and Vanessa will provide real solutions with guidance and support without any judgement. If you are struggling with breastfeeding, or infant weight gain, Vanessa is committed to helping you. Feeding support: $150 for a home visit and 2 weeks support.

Prenatal Classes: Everything you need to know in one comprehensive class! Vanessa’s prenatal classes include what to expect in your third trimester, laboring at home, when to go to the hospital, pain relief options (pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical), stages of labour, pushing positions, c-sections, postpartum care, infant care, & breastfeeding basics. Group classes & private classes (virtual or in-home) available. Please contact for pricing.

Infant & Child CPR: As a Heart and Stroke Educator, Vanessa provides education for parents on starting solids and how to provide infant and child CPR. Vanessa can also certify health care professionals with BLS certification. Non certification education $79