Kavita Bahl

Kavita is the Program Coordinator for Autism Spectrum Disorders at Mahogany Medical. She has experience with Autism, the challenges of behavioural therapy, understands the struggles of parents, as well as the logistics of Autism funding and therapy delivery in British Columbia. Her work is focused on improving the lives of families and individuals impacted by ASD, and is currently working on a Quality Improvement project with the Department of Pediatrics looking into wait-times and costs for Autism assessments and therapy.  She has a Bachelors Degree in Science and a Diploma in Project Management as well as Human Resources Management.


Parent/Patient Navigation: We provide support and coach parents to help them navigate the complex assessment and funding pathways in BC. Help with service/therapy planning and deciding on the best providers for therapy, as well as providing information regarding additional resources, funding, tax benefits, and other applications.